I love using the expression “beyond this reality” but I get that for many people it does not mean what I mean.

As a little girl I used to daydream a lot. I would make up these fabulous stories where I was always the hero or some kind of leader. They allowed me to escape what I thought was “unbearable” about this reality.

Then I decided these stories were nice but they took me out of “the real world” and I really should get more present and deal with what was in front of me, what we can call reality.

Since I started taking and facilitating Access Consciousness® classes reality is now so much more than what I can see or experience with my 5 senses!!!

Science tells us that 90% of what appears solid is actually space. That leaves a lot of room for what appears to be a chair to be an infinite number of things. We may want to call it a chair for today and then tomorrow it will be a sofa or a car or a squirrel. And it will only be such thing if we are: 1 ) asking for something different to show up and 2) willing to receive something different without any expectation.

I was looking for my phone this morning and for a moment I got the awareness that it was “gone” and it was really easy for me to say “ok, I will go about my day without my phone”. I started to look for something else we lost – my daughter’s glasses – and it truly felt that the phone had become the glasses for a second. Then I wanted to get in touch with my boyfriend and I knew I could use my computer to do that, so same thing – I let go of having to have my phone and then went to the bathroom – only to find my phone sitting there.

So in summary, everything I was looking for showed up. All it required of me was to let go of the need to have something solid appear the way I wanted it to appear.

Yes, I am typing this on my computer from my couch right now but how do you know this post only exist because you asked for it?

What is beyond this reality that you have not accepted could exist yet?