I have stopped myself from doing so many things because I thought other people were better than me at it. And they probably were.

I would start many things: dancing, singing, painting, writing, making films, and every time I saw there was someone much better than me so I would not go very far.

I almost did this in my business recently, seeing other coaches and facilitators do amazing things. And then I used my tools and ask a few questions.

  • How do I know they are better than me?
  • What does being better mean?
  • If I am able to define better, doesn’t it mean I know what better looks like?
  • If I know what better looks like, doesn’t that make it a choice available?
  • If I am not choosing better, is it possible that I consider not as good is actually what works for me?

Gosh I love questions! As you can see, one question led to another and finally gave me the awareness that what I was choosing to create, whether it was as “good” a what others were doing, simply worked for me.

Now, if I want something different, I can choose something different because I KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!

Yes, they were and they are people better than me but it does not matter because I simply have not chosen that. When the desire to choose different is greater, I will simply choose something “better” and then I am sure other questions will show up.

Where have you stopped yourself because you thought someone else was better than you?