I have had a very strange relationship to time. I am usually late for everything and yet I am the best planner there is.

I love planning things and know what is coming up. I have set up all kind of systems so I know where to be when and what I am supposed to do.

And it never works. It never has. Following a rigid way of living my life has just never worked for me and I tried many practices that worked for other people.

And this week I always thought I was a day ahead of my current time, which made me think I was missing everything. Not a fun feeling.

And they discovered Einstein was right and time and space are bendable.

Yes! I always knew that but I had tried for so long to consider time like this rigid thing. It just is not. I sit down to do something that would take 5 minutes and it’s an hour later. I also take 10 minutes to do something that would take 1 hour in other circumstances.

What circumstances you ask? Well, it depends. If I am just with me, if no one else is watching, then my universe encompasses the possibility of a complete Pause to a Fast Forward faster than you thought. However, as soon as someone else is involved, everything goes back to “this much time”.

Hence the title, time is for other people.

For me, it’s just creation and me.

What else is possible with time you never considered?