When you drive a car it is said that it is safer to always stay aware of everything around you, using your peripheral vision as much as possible.

I say it gives you a greater awareness of what is coming your way. If a car is coming in the same lane as you, you may want to switch lanes. If it is in a different lane, you can stay where you are or go somewhere else. But to make that choice you have to be able to see what’s coming from where.

When you are aware of what is showing up, you can actually choose either the same or different.

You can watch a little video explaining this here (tool #72 of BeingOui.com)

Do you do the same thing in your life? Do you observe everything that is coming your way 180 degrees  around you or just what is in front of you? If you were to observe and take note of what is coming your way, how many more choices would you have?

We have been taught to choose between this or that. Often, we don’t want either but because we think it’s the only two possibilities we force ourselves to choose.

What else is possible you have not considered yet?

What if it was not about being happy or unhappy? Being rich or poor? Being healthy or unhealthy? Being single or in a relationship? What if all of these were just two sides of the same coin? What if you picked a whole other coin instead?

If you think you can’t see what coming all around you, at least watch at 180 degrees. You are only half aware, but why try to receive everything, right? 🙂