As I am preparing for Word Speech Day on March 15th and making a proposal to prevent about being the voice I realize that now more than ever we all have a chance to have the impact that a celebrity has.

I have over 3300 connections on Facebook, 500 on Linkedin and 800 on Twitter. Just with these that’s a reach of about 4000 people (there are a lot of people on the same outlets).

Even if each person reaches 100 people every day that means I have the potential of reaching 400,000 people with one degree of separation. Pretty cool.

And we have all watched the video of a “nobody” doing a cool dance move or singing a moving song and saw that 4,000,000 other people watched it to.

So truly today, every one has the chance to be a celebrity and reach hundreds of thousands of people within minutes. And if the message you are passing along touches people, you have the same impact as any of these celebrities.

I like knowing that ANYONE can change the world. Me, you, my dog even.

And the greatest thing is we all have something to say. Because there are no two same stories and no two same points of view on anything, the world needs to know the infinite possibilities available through YOUR story.

Are you willing to be the celebrity you truly be?