Please understand, I have used the law of attraction to create many great things in my life.

But at some point it stopped working. I was still doing all the great techniques: visualization, feeling good, writing as if it had happened and so on. I just was not getting anywhere anymore.

To clarify, this started happening when I was creating bigger things. I had the relationship, the house, the kids, the good job. Now I wanted to do things I had always dreamt about and it just was not working anymore.

Today, with the tools and experience I have with what I call “The Law of Attraction on Steroids” ie Access Consciousness®, I can perceive what I was doing wrong and I think it is very easy to get there with the Law of Attraction.

I was in Fantasy land.

I had dreams, and I cultivated those dreams but there was no energy in them. In fact today, I have no or little desire to accomplish these dreams. They were just a fantasy.

Yes, I had listened to the gurus that told me to take inspired actions and I did – in fact, I am a very action oriented person so I did take actions. I contacted a lot of companies to partner with me and I created a lot of content. But nothing moved because there was no energy in it.

I was not BEING my dream. I may have written a script and sent it out to production companies, I was not being the energy of a filmmaker. Filmmaking was a dream, a fantasy but not something that was me.

The law of attraction talks about being the vibration of what we want to create. Sounds good, although a little to vague for me now. When I am being the energy of what I want to create it shows up faster and better than anything I can imagine.

How can this turn out better than I can imagine?