By now you probably figured out I don’t want listen to anyone unless what they are saying creates more possibilities in my universe.

So when most people tell me what they think I should do or be I will listen but I will only take in what brings that smile on my face, or that sense of relief in my body.

When I go to the doctor, I don’t assume everything he or she says is true for me. It may be true for other people, even most people, but what if I was different?

And I get that when I tell you something, what I say may not be true for you. It may not even be relevant. And you don’t have time to read or watch things that are not relevant to you, so you don’t read me or don’t watch my video. This is very reassuring for people like me.

It means the people who read the blog or watch the videos are actually getting something out of it. Or they wouldn’t be watching or reading. It is very possible they get how different they are from me or other people or it could be that they agree with what they are reading of watching.

I just love the fact that if it is not relevant, you won’t read it, listen to it or watch it.

We have choice in what we pay attention to! How does it get any better than that?