I have been sad most of the day and to tell you the truth I did not really want to stop being sad. I am not often sad so I know my sadness does not define me in any way.

I also did not give my sadness to other people. It was just me. So I started getting deeper into the sadness and observed it.

The sadness triggered thoughts like:

  • I am all alone
  • No one cares about me
  • I will never succeed
  • what’s the point

This is where I really got what the sadness was all about. Not me. I would not choose to have these thoughts because these thoughts don’t create anything for me. They disempower. They are not true.

But if I fight them, they will come back. If I try to resonate with them I go into loops. The only thing I can do is give in. But I am not going to give in without enjoying myself a little.

So I go:

  • I am so alone I am like the last woman on earth and I own everything
  • No one cares about me at all because every one cares about themselves – I care about me
  • I will never succeed and will be very poor and will never leave anything valuable to anyone – I am just a waste of air – Hmmm I wonder if that’s how flies feel – oh a butterfly…..
  • What’s the point of anything? Who am I? Who are you? Why are we here? so many possibilities….

And suddenly, the sadness is gone. The thoughts led to a space of wondering and the wonder starts giving me new possibilities.

OK, your turn 🙂