On October 10, 2013 The Global Bars class is taking place from Houston, TX and will be video streamed to 136 PODs in many countries around the world. I attended the first one last year and there were 1000 people all over the world attending the class.

The class was amazing. Yes, it was funny, it was empowering, it was mind-blowing. People learned a new technique to erase the mind chatter and lose limitations. But the best part for me was that for a whole day I felt like I was getting to know me. At the end of the day I was so happy that when Dain barely touched me during the ESC (something happening also during this year’s class which I will describe later) I literally had an orgasm.

My business started exploding after that. I was finally being the energy that was me. 🙂

The target for this Global Bars class is 10,000 people. Can you imagine the energy that will be generated? I have no idea what it’s going to look like but I do know I want to be there!

2013 Oct 10 What if change could be easy 400x400pxlsI am a facilitator for this class so I do not “need” to take a Bars class. Yet I am so excited to watch 7 other facilitators guide people and learn their tricks. (I know them and also know it will be super funny and super expansive).

If you have never been to an Access Bars class, you will learn a technique that will delete all the files in your computer that is your mind. You will get to receive two sessions and give two sessions. At the end of the day you will be an Access bars Practitioner (you can receive up to 8 CEUs for this class).

More information on the Bars can be found here: http://www.bars.accessconsciousness.com/about-access-bars.asp

To register for this very exciting event, please go to:


As mentioned below, you will receive an ESC from Dr. Dain Heer during the class. ESC stands for Energetic Synthesis of Communion. You could call it a kind of meditation, if you require a word. We suggest you lay down, perceiving, receiving and being the energies of communion and of all other beings connected – and, if you’re willing, maybe the entire Universe, starting with this beautiful planet of ours.

“I purposely do not define this… It is only when you define something you can limit it.”
-Dain Heer

See you there!