InspirationIn many of the workshops that I facilitate we talk about Choice, Possibility, Contribution and Question.

And often I see that people don’t really know how to choose. For many people, they choose by comparing something against something else or by computing that their choice is the right one.

When the truth is that a choice is neither right nor wrong. A choice is only good for as long as you choose it and a choice creates awareness.

Once you choose something, then you know what it requires, you know what it may create and you know what other choices are available.

But for many choosing means they have to do or be something before they know what it’s like. And often that is uncomfortable for many.

When you do a Dare, you often have to do or be something that is uncomfortable. You have to choose it in order to do or be it.

Once you choose, you will start creating more, creating something different and the universe will start delivering something different as well.

So if that is something of interest to you, go check the Dares of the Day and please, do report on what happens!

How much fun can you have while choosing something different?