I recently watched a presentation from a woman who coaches people in public speaking (not my coach). She ended her presentation with “If you can’t say it you can’t sell it.”

It stuck with me. I know my mind was pretty happy with it – it had something logical to hold onto – but my being felt shrunk as soon as I made that sentence real.

Can you sell it if you can say it? Sure! But is it not possible to sell it if you cannot say it? Nope.

I have received clients and filled classes without saying anything about the class or the session except make it available.

I have also asked people why they chose to come to class or take a session and they said they knew there was something in there for them. It was nothing I said or wrote. Someone even came because she liked my picture.

I do speak and write a lot about what I do and sell but I find most often the people who “buy” actually find me randomly. Their reason for coming or buying is not something I said or did, it’s because something inside of them told them to come or buy.

I don’t just speak or write. I am also BEING the tools and the results of my classes and sessions in everything I do. From the way I organize my day to the words I use with my kids to the way I say hello to strangers, I am always being what I sell.

I would like to change what the woman said. “If you can’t be it, you can’t sell it” is more truthful for me.