As I write these blog posts you may have figured out English is not my first language. And even though I was born and raised in France many French people don’t think French is my first language either – too many mistakes.

So what’s a girl to do?

I really had to look at how I use language – to express something I don’t think people get if they just stand by me or if they just watch a silent video.

Words help me communicate with people.

However, word frustrate me. They are such a smaller representation of the energy I want to express. Besides, few people actually follow the energy of the words. They often hear a word and associate it with what their experience of that word. The word “goal” for instance has been so much used in the same sentence as “accomplishment” that people think a goal has value and they must have one. When the word goal in its etymology actually means “jail”. So when someone says they want to reach a goal they are actually putting themselves in a jail.

I never liked the word goal and I thought it was because I lacked structure (another word that very few people use correctly). And that I was supposed to have structure to succeed. So I tried very hard to have goals.

I never reached any goal.

Then one day I changed to target – Bam! Not only did I reach those targets but I went much further.

So my secret with words is – I may not be using the correct one or the one that is the most comfortable to the masses but the words I use create the life I want.

How does it get any better than that?