People spend a great deal of time and energy on relationships. Whether it’s to find one, to maintain one, to let go of one, we throw ourselves passionately into all of it. It is easy to think all we want is to be loved. But if it was, wouldn’t we give it and receive it more freely? If love was this amazing beautiful thing we say it is, wouldn’t it also be a lot simpler?

No, because we don’t all agree on what love is. Every one has their own definition of love. It is full of judgements and conditions.

Love is not what we truly desire. What every one really wants is to be acknowledged.

When someone acknowledges you, whether in agreeing with you or in letting you know they have noticed you you feel received. You are received by the other person without any judgement. That is the space we are all looking for. The space where we matter, where what we say and do has an impact on others.

The day I stopped looking for love is the day I found it. I started seeing who was acknowledging me for who I was and these people were truly “loving me”. It had nothing to do with the status of our relationship, romantic or not, it had everything to do with how present people were with all of me, the good, the bad and the ugly, with no judgement.

Being received by someone reminds us no choice is wrong or right and at least one other person know we were here.

How does it get any better than that?